What is Volerian?

volerian company logo

Volerian is an aeronautical company that has been set up to further the development of a new propulsion system and to design and manufacture aircraft based on that system.

What is the propulsion system?

volerian propulsion system array

 The basis of Volerian’s propulsion system is an array of oscillating wings, with stator vanes, set into a specially shaped ducts. 

How different is it?

volerian vtol aircraft flying over city, background image by Oliver Cole from unsplash.com

 The unprecedented safety, quietness, and economy of the system will enable a revolutionary new class of aircraft with characteristics that are unattainable with conventional fans or propellers.

How will it change travel?

vtol aircraft background image by Andres Garcia from unsplash.com

Travel into and within cities will become fast and convenient. Comfortable, quiet, safe, economical, personal air travel will render many current forms of transport obsolete.

How will it change living?

fast version, background image by Katie Barrett

Home locations will no longer be limited by their proximity to transport infrastructure or amenities.

When will it happen?

city personal aircraft, background image by JC Gellidon

The first aircraft will be introduced in about five years, the last cities to adopt the technology will probably be in around ten years.